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Quantity:10 Seeds
Type:Mostly indica
Recommended Climate:Indoor / Outdoor
Yield:up to 14 ounces/400 grams m2
Height:up to 47.5 inches / 120 cm
Flowering Period:8 to 10 weeks
Harvest:beginning of October
Stoned or High:Very strong stoned
Thc Levels Content:strong 15% - 20%
Grow Difficulty:Easy
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From deep in the heart of Afghanistan came the Afghan cannabis seed strain. It was further enhanced through selective cultivation in Holland and is now one of the more popular types of Marijuana seeds to buy and grow. Afghan bud produces a full bodied high that is best described as stoned. It’s a high that isn’t the candy taste of other seed strains.

Afghan seeds produce a strong pot plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The typical outdoor Afghan marijuana plant rises to the height of 40 to 60 cm. Because they are not too tall, they are still ok to grow inside, even if space is somewhat limited. To those who know the Afghan strain, they can look somewhat majestic as they rise to occasional and supply growers with a firm and heavy bud. In fact, Afghans have a very favorable bud to leaf ratio.

The typical yield of the Afghan marijuana strain can approach 600 grams. This puts it firmly with the popular and specialized boutique type of Cannabis plants. Furthermore, the THC content can run as high as 15 to 20%, but is quite high among the more traditional types of outdoor Marijuana plants. In fact, the Afghan strain is used as a building block for many of the famous hybrid strains today.

Afghan Marijuana plants are relatively easy to grow. Since the seed strain comes from a more traditional background, the seed has some of the growing characteristics of a wild plant. What does this mean? It means that even if you make mistakes when growing it, you can still get impressive yields of high quality bud. Frankly, anyone can have success buying Afghan cannabis seeds.

All in all, Afghan seeds are not like the more famous boutique cousins, but none the less, they are a formidable seed strain that in the right hands can easily produce high yielding buds with a high THC content. This is a positive for any grower.
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  1. Mernahuana Says:

    huge on this marijuana strain. get a good collection of different Afghan marijuana seeds when u can.

  2. MichiganToker Says:

    hi everyone i had a friend give me some seds he thinks they are afghani seeds so was wondering if anyone has good info on growing these babys give me an email at thanks MT

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