Big Bud

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Quantity:10 seeds
Type:Indica - sativa mix
Recommended Climate:indoor / outdoor
Yield:600 gr/m2
Height:40 - 55 cm
Flowering Period:9 weeks
Harvest:end of October
Stoned or High:Stoned yet high allround
Thc Levels Content:medium 8% - 15%
Grow Difficulty:Easy
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When it comes to a great and refreshing high, you know that you want the taste of quality Marijuana and Big Bud has you covered. To be sure, it’s a Cannabis Cup winner and is known for the big buds that it produces. This quality pot seed strain is popular with those who like to buy pot seeds that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Big bud pot plants are relatively easy to grow. They can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but because the buds are quite heavy, you’ll need to be able to devote TLC to the care of these Marijuana plants. This might means tying them up so that the heavy buds don’t break the delicate branches. It also means making sure that they get adequate water and sunlight. While they are relatively easy to grow, they need TLC in order to maximize their production. This means that while they can be grown outdoors, they are best grown indoors.

Just how much can a Big Bud weed plant produce? They can produce anywhere approximately 500 to 700 grams of 8 to 15% THC bud. While the percentage of THC content is less than some other strains, the total production is much higher. A typical Big Bud plants is 40 to 60 centimeters high when grown indoors. The focus is on bigger buds that are full of quality THC. What does this mean to the home grower? Growing big bud cannabis plants can be more profitable than other alternatives.

If you buy big bud seeds, you’ll know that you are getting a good quality pot smoking experience in every plant. If you’ve got the time to give this Cannabis Cup award winning Marijuana seed strain the TLC it needs, then you can expect to have a profitable growing experience.

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  1. Basic Marijuana Growing Guide | Marijuana Seeds Says:

    [...] an Indica variety that is extremely tolerant, making it perfect for beginning growers. Also, Big Bud and Caramelicious seeds are easy to grow. If you’re not sure where to buy your marijuana [...]

  2. robert rosse Says:

    I would like to know all about when and if I should top my big bud plant I’m a first time grower any and all info would be greatly appreciated from veg thru harvest thanks

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