Californian Skunk

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Quantity:10 seeds
Type:Indica - sativa mix
Recommended Climate:Indoor
Yield:500 gr/m2
Height:40 - 55 cm
Flowering Period:9-10 weeks
Harvest:end of october
Stoned or High:Sativa high - Cereberal buzz
Thc Levels Content:medium 8% - 15%
Grow Difficulty:Moderate/Easy
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If you are looking for an ideal seed for beginner growers than Californian Skunk is the Marijuana seed type that you are looking for. It’s easy to grow, it’s hardy and it produces a good crop of quality weed. It’s a triple combination that you would expect from a name like California.

Californian Skunk is easy to grow. In fact, many beginning pot growers buy Californian Skunk seeds because they know that it is easy to grow. It can be grown either indoors or outdoors and actually thrives in a cool outdoors climate. This means that you can easily plant it just about anywhere and know that you will have quality weed to meet your every need. It’s hardy so that even a little cool weather will not negatively affect the quality of the pot produced.

Californian Skunk marijuana plants produce an indica and sativa mix that easily produces that comforting and fully enriching weed experience that you have come to enjoy and love in a quality indica and sativa mix. This mix is a result of the several varieties of pot plants coming together to produce and almost fruity Marijuana strain. The taste of this bud is very sweet and you can find orangish crystals covering the width and breadth of these weed plants. These crystals have the highest THC content in the entire plant.

A typical yield for Californian Skunk is approximately 500 mg per square meter and the THC content produced is approximately 8 to 15% on average. This is only moderately strong THC and this can be a downside to some, but remember that this THC content is produced without the need for a lot of TLC.

If you are looking for an easy to grow seed strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors and still produces a decent yield, then Californian Skunk is a seed that you should definitely check out.

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