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Quantity:10 seeds
Recommended Climate:Indoor
Yield:450 gr / m2
Height:35 - 65 cm
Flowering Period:8 - 9 weeks
Harvest:Early september
Stoned or High:Happy High
Thc Levels Content:good 17 - 20%
Grow Difficulty:Good for beginners
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Caramelicious springs many things to mind. For those who are not into growing or consuming Marijuana, Caramelicious sounds like a really great tasting candy. For Cannabis connoisseurs, Caramelicious means the same thing. The Caramelicious seed strain produces bud that gives a rich and full bodied high.

The fat sticky buds of the Caramelicious pot plants are high in THC content, from 15 to 20%, and produce a sweet Caramel like taste when they are smoked. This creates a very mellow and relaxing high that is not often duplicated. Caramelicious plants are definitely an indoor strain. They do not produce nearly as much when grown outdoors. With that said, they are a relatively easy plant to grow, even for beginners. Caramelicious seeds are frequently grown by growers who appreciate the quality and yields that a boutique pot plant can provide.

A typical yield for Caramelicious pot plants is approximately 400 to 450 grams. This is puts it on the higher scale of Marijuana plant yields. A typical Caramelicious cannabis plant will grow to the height of approximately 60 centimeters. This is still relatively small enough to be grown even in close quarters. This relatively small height means that growers can even grow them in the corner of a room without much difficulty.

When looking at buying Caramelicious seeds, you need to make sure that you have the set up needed to grow them successfully. They do require more TLC than other seed strains that literally be planted and forgotten about until harvest time. Because of all the benefits of this strain, they are a popular dorm room pot plant. They are put in the corner, cared for during the school year and then harvested and enjoyed by all. With the sweet taste of caramel and big sticky buds full of resin, it’s a weed plant that can satisfy the most finicky Marijuana connoisseurs.

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