Durban Poison

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Quantity:10 seeds
Type:Mostly sativa
Recommended Climate:Outdoor
Yield:350 gr/m2
Height:70 cm
Flowering Period:8 weeks
Stoned or High:Sativa buzz
Thc Levels Content:14%
Grow Difficulty:Easy
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When you think of the name Durban Poison, then you are probably thinking of an easy to grow seed that even the most unsuccessful grower can find success with. This is very true, but Durban Poison also produces an almost candy like bud that gives a pleasureful high. When you buy Durban Poison marijuana seeds, you can have that great Durban experience whenever you want.

Durban Poison is a classic mix of Dutch Skunk weed and a classic African strain of Cannabis. The result is a powerful Marijuana plant that can adjust to nearly any kind of growing situation. Durban Poison is best grown outside though some growers do have considerable success growing them indoors. The true strength of Durban Poison is its adaptability to nearly any kind of growing condition. They don’t require a lot of TLC so they can even be a plant it out in the woods and only go back to harvest it type of weed plant.

Because it’s primarily designed for tough growing conditions, Durban Poison doesn’t produce as much as some of the other boutique types of Marijuana plants. You’ll typically see a yield of about 200 grams from this type of Cannabis plant. Durban Poison plants are quite large at over 100 to 150 centimeters. They produce a tight and compact bud. The THC content is also not as high as other boutique Cannabis plants, but since it grows in nearly every condition, it can still be a very profitable type of weed plant to grow.

Durban Poison seeds are best suited to those who are outdoor growers in tough conditions, are new and inexperienced growers, or are growers who appreciate a pot seed that doesn’t require too much TLC. For these growers, Durban Poison can be an excellent choice. With minimal effort you can harvest Marijuana on a regular basis when you start buying Durban Poison seeds.

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