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That is a HUGE deal, AMS had a 10 free seeds promotion in the past but it recently upgraded to 20 free marijuana seeds deal, this is a great time to get free marijuana seeds and coming from Amsterdam you know those canabis seeds are going to be good, Amsterdam is the world’s cannabis capital, this is where most cannabis seed shop come from. This deal is so good we had to ask AMS rep to tell us how they manage it, this is what they had to say:

The free marijuana seeds differs in kind ( strains ), sometimes the seed suppliers have so many seeds that they can not sell them all, then we are able to buy those seeds with big discount.We try to keep up this promotion as long as possible, but it cost us a lot of money, however it also bring a lot of customers so as long as we are able to we will continue this promotion !

Why Get Free Marijuana Seeds ?

So you decided to grow your own weed, but now you need some weed seeds to get started… If you read our marijuana growing guide you already know that not all weed seeds will germinate, and out of those seeds that do germinate, you have 50% chances that they turn out to be female cannabis plants ( female pot plants are the ones that give buds ). Once the plant grow they are also prone to disease, over / under watering and poor maintenance ( if you are a beginner ) so out of that 10 seeds pack you order, you will be lucky to have 4 weed plants that are actually going to be usable.

This is why you need to be aware of any special deal online that allow you to get the most for your money’s worth, often time you can find weed seed shops who give out free weed seeds with each order and this is why we created this page, we will list here the best “free marijuana seeds” promotions / samples.